Hot Towels

One sad consequence of living with high stress levels is that a great many people walk around with cold hands and feer. The best way to worm them up along with the rest of the body is with large soft hot towels. You can warm towels by placing them inside a large paper bag and putting it in the oven for ten minutes at 200 degrees. As a long as the paper bag isn’t exposed to an open flame, it will not burn and your towels will be warm and perfectly dry. If you are fortunate enought to have a towel large enough to reach from head to toe, you can cover your partner’s body with a single movement. Working with smaller towels, begin at the feet and overlap the towels until the body is covered. Whatever size, the towels should go down with one long sweeping motion. Everything that toucher your partner during the massage, whether it be your hands, your hair, your knee, or a hot towel, becomes a part of the massage. Becouse your partner will experience the massage with his eyes closed, the tactile sense is exquisitely sensitized. To help estblish the mood, use the same speed and rhythm in laying down the hot towels that you will use later on the legs and arms.
When your partner’s entire body is covered, from scalp to toes, pat the towels gently so that it conforms to the outlines of the arms, legs, and torso. This luxurious sensation of being pressed and patted prepares your partner for the warm, infinitely relaxing experience that is about to begin.
Leave the towels on for about five minutes. When you’re ready to remove them, pull the bottom edge of the towel slowly and evenly until the top of the towel gradually breaks contact with your partner’s toes.