A Body Shampoo

Studies a very old people all over the world reveal one factor common to all of them: Throughout their lives they sweat copiously every day. This curious fact, often cites by sauna enthusiasts, would seem to imply that the oceans of sweat generated after fifteen minutes in a sauna can actually extend one’s life. But the kind of sweating theseold folks do is usually the result of good old-fashioned manual labor, still popular in those parts of the world where leisure time is scarce and exercise for its own sake has not yet become fashionable. The idea that it is healthful or even generally beneficial to roast your body, which is mostly water, at temperatures very near the boiling point of water is certainly debatable. Many people bolt from the sauna in four or five minutes, hearts racing, feeling slightly dizzy, and doubting their own senses. Wasn’t this supposed to be a relaxing experience? For some people it definitely is; you may not be one of them. One of the most important considerations in any bath is the way one feels afterward.
Saunas, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs are expensive to set up and use huge amounts of energy. A body shampoo costs practically nothing and uses less energy than a shower. It will leave your partner feeling absolutely wonderful without using 800 gallons of hot water, a specially designet redwood room, or high-speed electical devices. During a body shampoo, you become directly involved with the bath by using your own hands, thus establishing the kind of close physical contact you will be sharing during the massage. The body shampoo will do even more for your skin than a sauna, without taxingthe heart or making you sweat. If massage is your aim, it’s better to sweat and exercise your heart when you exercise your body. Use the body shampoo to get your partner cleaner than he’s ever been in his life.